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Canadian University College

  • Certified Rapid NeuroFascia Reset Specialists

Jetta Pulido is a Registered Massage Therapist with a 3000 hour massage therapy diploma and to date is one of less than 200 certified Rapid NeuroFascia Reset Specialists in Canada. As a former competitive athlete, she understands the importance of keeping the body and mind in great shape and how one affects the other and she is constantly pursuing additional education in pain management and mobility.

Jetta is experienced in treating a myriad of conditions using a wide variety of techniques that help with pain and stress relief, including but not limited to prenatal and postpartum recovery massage, infant and child massage, TMJD, myofacial release, lymphatic drainage massage, pre and post sporting event massage, pre and post surgical massage, and dynamic cupping.

Jetta’s goal is to help her clients get their lives back to a great place by bringing pain and stress levels to a minimum and increasing their mobility and strength. She is very thorough and the end results are well worth it, as testified by her many clients.

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