Carpal Tunnel

Median nerve entrapment causing pain at the palm side of the thumb and next 2 to 3 fingers. This nerve can be entrapped at the ligaments of the wrist or at muscles of the arm or hand. The surgical procedure cuts the ligaments of the wrist to relieve pressure on the nerve. If this is not the source of pressure the surgery is ineffective. That is why the surgical procedure has such a low success rate. I would always consider a series of ART and GT treatments first since there are no risks to the treatment. If successful, you may be able to avoid the surgery and the risks associated with it.

Success*: 50-70 percent, treatment is discontinued after 4 if there are no noticeable improvements

Number of Treatments required**: Usually 4 to 10

* Success is considered patient becoming completely symptom free with no need for further treatment. Unfortunately this is not always possible and sometimes patients will require sporadic treatment in the future to stay symptom free. Especially if the patient returns to the activity that originally caused the injury. In some cases, such as tennis elbow and golfer's elbow, pain may only be reduced by a series of treatments.

The above percentages of success are based on experience and some limited study results.

Treatment is usually discontinued if there is not a reduction in symptoms within 4 visits and patients are then referred to another health care provider.

**Number of treatments varies from condition to condition and also depends on the severity of the injury and the general health of the patient. The above approximations of numbers of treatments is based on experience treating these injuries over the years.

ART - Active Release Techniques

GT - Graston Technique

SWT - Shockwave Therapy

MT - Massage Therapy

SMT - Spinal Adjusting

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